Office of the President



 Happy 111th Foundation Anniversary to all of us!

We are greatly honored to be joined by Hon. Roberto L. Uy, President, Toyota-Iloilo Philippines and member of the ISAT U Board of Regents representing the private sector. Thank you very much for gracing this affair. Your presence has really made our 111th Foundation Anniversary Celebration very memorable. Thank you also for your continued support to the programs and projects of the University through your scholarship program, accommodation of our On-the-Job Trainees and in the employment of our graduates.  Also, I would to express my appreciation to other members of the Board of Regents, esteemed guests, alumni, and friends of the University for joining us in this opening of the 111th Foundation Anniversary Week of Iloilo Science and Technology University. The ISAT U Academic Community is happy and inspired  of the presence of the many alumni and friends of the university, who have contributed to our history and have offered generous support over the years. Thank you.

Today the Iloilo Science and Technology marks its 111th year as an educational institution. This year’s foundation week is significant for we also celebrate our first anniversary as a chartered university. This year’s celebration is also very memorable and highly significant because we are formally launching our new Vision, Mission, Core Values, Institutional Goals and Institutional Outcomes which are aligned with our present status as a University and approved by the Board of Regents last June 29, 2016 through Resolution No. 43-2016.

The theme of this year’s foundation anniversary is “ISAT U @111: One Vision… One Mission…One Goal …Excellence!”  It calls on all of the members of the ISAT U academic community to be one in responding to the challenges of achieving excellence and in becoming a leading science and technology university in Southeast Asia by 2030. The theme also reminds us all that as ONE ISAT U, we have to work together, meet all the challenges positively and do our best for it has been said that “Excellence is not being the best but doing our best.”

Excellence requires setting high standards, vigorously pursuing them, and eventually significant realization of high achievement. It requires boldness and strong resolve from the whole academic community. With the many challenges besetting ISAT U and Philippine Higher Education as a whole, achieving excellence is a tough challenge. But it can be done.

 We, the administration, faculty, staff and students have to create a culture of excellence that brings out the best in us in all the things that we do — be it in leadership, teaching, research, and learning.  We need to have that passion for excellence and being self-surpassing. We should be never satisfied with what we have achieved by resting on our laurels. We should not settle for mediocrity. ISAT U can be a leading science and technology university in Southeast Asia by 2030 if we as an academic community will wholeheartedly commit ourselves to the attainment of excellence. Our vision to be a leading science and technology university in Southeast Asia by 2030 is a very ambitious. But we are optimistic that we can attain this by putting all our strengths together and focusing on the habit of excellence, practicing it repeatedly day by day. It is said that: “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it. Autograph your work with excellence.” In our pursuit of excellence, let us always conduct our activities with care, diligence and passion.

 We have to work hand in hand in striving for the highest standards of student, faculty and staff achievement. I appeal to the Faculty to encourage students toward excellence. The Board of Regents and the university administration are supportive of goals that promote excellence most especially in the faculty and staff’s own quest for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and research. This is the reason the University sticks to high standards in its hiring of faculty and staff. We have admission policies for students most especially those with board exams. We are building infrastructure projects such as the research hub and the TLE while renovating the old building to propel excellence. We are seeking help from our generous alumni and friends for donations that support our priorities. We are promoting faculty and staff and giving some incentives.  We are doing our best to use our financial resources judiciously and manage effectively. This is because our goal is to establish and maintain high educational standards that will be acknowledged as excellent by reputable accrediting bodies and the global academic community. It is all because of excellence. As a leading science and technology university, we at ISAT U, should always set, expect, pursue and maintain higher standards in academic, research, extension, production and administrative services. Let us do our best to make great things happen in this institution that is being EXCELLENT. W. Blake said, “Great thing are done when man and mountain meet; this is not done jostling in the street.”

My dear faculty, staff and students, let us journey together towards excellence and attain the vision we have for ISAT U to be a leading science and technology university in Southeast Asia by 2030. May this celebration inspire all of us to do our best and make a great difference in this University.

Happy Foundation Anniversary to all of us. Mabuhay and ISAT U. Mabuhay tayong lahat!